Teapot Tuesday (A contest!)

Inaugurating a new contest for newsletter subscribers only: Teapot Tuesday.

Teapot Cupboard 1 Teapot Cupboard 2

Sept Teapot

This month’s teapot: A Charming Antique, Vine-covered, Thatched Cottage Pot, made in England by Kensington.

I have a thing about teapots. I love them. I collect them. I cannot resist the perfect teapot when I see it. My shelves are full. So full that I have run out of cabinet space.

The only solution is to share them you with, you darling readers. So on the first Tuesday of every month the name of a newsletter subscriber will be drawn to receive a special teapot that may come from my collection, or may be collected in my travels to Scotland and London and Kalamazoo. (Stunning teapots in Kalamazoo. Stunning.)

Just be sure you are signed up for my newsletter to be eligible! (Hint: The newsletter sign up is in the sidebar to the right — or below on mobile devices)

Cheers, EE